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Get OSHA 10 hour certified online fast and hassle free for a fair price.

Take a course immediately on your laptop, tablet or phone and train at your own pace. Get your OSHA Certification instantly by email with QR verification.

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How it Works

1. Choose your course

Select which OSHA 10 course you need after reviewing the detailed course info pages.

2. Checkout

Checkout securely using a Credit Card, Paypal, Venmo or Apple Pay.

3. Complete the OSHA training online

Once you begin the course all progress is saved and you can pause and resume the training anytime, anywhere that you log in – train in your lunchbreak on your phone and continue on your laptop in the evening, whatever works for you.

4. Good Job! You’re Certified

You’re OSHA Certified and compliant. Your certificate is delivered instantly by email and your training record is stored online. You can verify your certificate with QR Code.

OSHA Training Certificate

After completing the 10 hour training you will receive your training compliance certificate.

All certificates are stored online with your transcript and can be verified at any time by scanning the QR code on the reverse of the certificate.

OSHA 10 Construction Certificate Sample
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OSHA 10 Course Details

OSHA 10 General

100% Online OSHA 10 Training. Includes full Bloodborne Pathogens.

OSHA 10 Construction

100% Online OSHA 10 Construction Training. Includes OSHA Focus Four.

100% Acceptance Guarantee

Our OSHA 10 hour training certificates are accepted in 43 US States. If for any reason your certificate is not accepted we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. Train risk free.

Note: We do not provide refunds for non receipt of DOL card as we are not a DOL Outreach provider and explicitly DO NOT offer DOL/Outreach cards.

Money Back Guarantee

Common Questions About OSHA 10 Certification

Do You Provide A DOL Card?

You will receive a 10 Certified ten-hour Safety and Health wallet card showing the course you completed, the active and expiry dates and your unique certificate ID. If you live in CT, MA, NV, NH, NY, PA, RI or WV please visit the US Dept of Labor's website as we do not provide DOL/Outreach cards.

Do You Offer Courses In Spanish?

We only offer English language versions of courses at the present time.

Does This Meet OSHA Requirements?

Yes. Our OSHA certificate training is compliant with all OSHA requirements for the applicable standards shown in each course. We actually include additional material for reference over and above the OSHA requirements in many cases.

How many tries do I get to pass the test?

We build in knowledge checks, matching activities and short quizzes into the eLearning so its easy to remember what you need. If you do get too many questions wrong you can revise what you missed and retake each quiz up to 3 times, this is in line with OSHA requirements.

Why train with us?

10 Certified provides modern and convenient ways to take essential OSHA safety training at a realistic price.

We realize that you need your certification either in order to continue working, or to take up that new role or contract, and we are commited to helping America back to work by offering the most competitive OSHA Certification pricing – guaranteed.

 We are available on email 24/7 to answer any questions and want to offer you the best online training experience you’ve ever had.


Have more Questions?

We think we covered all the basics above but there may be some other questions you need answered before you begin your training. The chances are someone else has asked the same question, so feel free to check the FAQ page.

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