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Benefits Of OSHA 10 Hour In The Building And Construction

The OSHA ten hours certification online training saves lives and reduces accidents and illnesses across the building and construction trades. Three examples from a survey of 195 workers on self-reported actions before and after training concluded that 75% of trainees carried items whilst on ladders before training, and after training only 26% did so, 37% of trainees reported checking a scaffold to see if it was constructed properly before training and post training the percentage had increased to 79%. Only two-thirds of respondents had asked for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be provided before taking OSHA 10 hour construction training, versus over 90% after training.  Based on interviews with trainees and trainers, there are numerous real stories of OSHA-10 training making a huge difference. The cost savings from accidents averted, run into the millions of US dollars.  Consider this: If training can reduce injuries by just 2% annually, the estimated savings would …

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OSHA 10 Class VS OSHA 10 Online Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all workers at a reasonable risk of workplace exposure to hazards must undertake suitable training.  So OSHA 10 class VS OSHA 10 online training which one is the best way for you. An OSHA certification is typically awarded after the training, as proof and acknowledgement of completion of this in depth safety training program. You can see the reference guide to the OSHA CFR 1910. Workplace Safety standards here for more information. If you need OSHA 10 certification, you will find that there are two main ways of getting one –a traditional  face-to-face class or OSHA 10 online training. The question then arises, which is the best way for you to complete your certification? Let’s take a look at them both and help you to decide. The Benefits Of Classroom Training There are many notable benefits to classroom training, many of which we may have experienced …

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OSHA 10 Construction Training Online Vs General Training Online

Training is a mandatory requirement for OSHA compliance, however, it can be a daunting task to figure out who needs OSHA training, what type, and how long the program should be based on job role.  Below, we break down different types of OSHA training and who needs what, when, and how. Why Is OSHA Training necessary? Since 1971, OSHA has adopted and enforced safety standards to protect workers from work-related injury, illness, and death.  As part of their mission, employers have to train employees on how to do their job safely. They must be taught about OSHA safety standards and how to comply. The requirement is not theoretical, as OSHA compliance officers WILL check that mandated training is up to date during an inspection.  They have to verify that employees received appropriate training, that they understood it, and that the training adequately addressed the “requirements and intent” of the OSHA standards.  …

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