the wrong name is on my certificate can I change it?

the wrong name is on my certificate can I change it?

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The First Name and Last Name entered into the Billing Details at checkout is the name used on the certificate.

If you entered your name wrong, or you want someone elses (friend, employee etc) name to be on the certificate please follow the steps below to easily update this yourself.

Note that if the course has already been completed the EMAILED certificate will show the name from checkout, after following the steps below the certificate will re-generate in the correct name and can be viewed and printed from the My Training page.

Login to your account (if you are not already signed in).

Click My Account in the top menu

Step 1:

Click on Account details on the left-hand side or click the link in the main text.

Step 2:

Update the First NameLast Name and Display Name. Optionally update the email address (make sure you have access to any updated email address or you will lose your account).

Step 3:

Click Save changes

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